discover bengal - the MIRRA way


Spice up your stay at 'Mirra homestay' by joining our in-house cooking classes. We offer special culinary lessons to help you master a wide variety of lip- smacking Bengal delicacies. Surprise all with your deft Bengali cuisine skills – learn how to make Sorshe Illish, Chingri MalaiKari, Kosha Mangsho, Luchi, Pulao, Dhokar Dalna and many more mouth-watering dishes.


At 'Mirra homestay' we offer easy-to- learn lessons in Bengali -- understand and speak Bengali and add another linguistic feather in your cap. And if you are a fast learner you can unravel a whole new world of Bengali literary treasures. The writings of the great Rabindranath, Nazrul, Saratbabu, Swami Vivekananda and many such intellectual giants of Bengal will surely help you know the soul of Bengal.


Discover the 'city of joy' at a leisurely pace and on your own terms – at 'Mirra homestay' we offer guided walking tours customized as per your special interests. Discover the heritage sites of Kolkata with their unique architectural styles. Our well-planned, guided walks will help you to rediscover British Calcutta and life in the colonial era. Visit Victoria Memorial, the Indian Museum, the Esplanade, etc. If you are a foodie, we suggest you follow our expert guide who will help you savour the famous Kati rolls - the inimitable Calcutta style wraps, street side chai and, of course, an unending variety of delectable sweets. Also, check-out the cultural diversity of Kolkata - discover authentic Chinese cuisine at Tangra – Kolkata's very own Chinatown, visit the Parsi synagogue and the Armenians church, meet the Anglo-Indian community in Entally.


If you are a lady staying at 'Mirra homestay' we offer expert services of Bengali ladies who can help you wear and learn the various techniques of saree draping. In Bengal, a saree is worn in many different ways. Whichever style you choose to wear a saree – the elegant, chic urban style or the very ethnic, rustic style, you will unquestionably feel very Bengali and a part of Bengali family culture.


Our comprehensive, efficient and hassle-free travel management services will take care of all your travel needs while you are staying at 'Mirra homestay'. So if you are planning to visit some friends in another part of the city and need a car, just let us know. We also offer our best services to help you visit various tourist destinations in Bengal and eastern India like Darjeeling, Gangtok, Digha, Puri, and many more. So we can take care of all your travel needs including air tickets, railway reservations, visa extension, hotel and resort booking, etc. We also provide all- inclusive travel packages to various tourist and heritage destinations.